Full Leg
$ 75.00
Bikini (basic)
$ 25.00
Bikini (extended)
$ 35.00
$ 75.00
Full Leg and Bikini
$ 98.00
Upper or Lower Leg
$ 55.00
$ 28.00
Upper Lip
$ 20.00
$ 25.00
$ 28.00
Lip and Chin
$ 40.00
Sides of Face
$ 35.00
Full Face
$ 70.00
Full Arm
$ 50.00
Back or Chest
$ 65.00
$ 35.00
Back of Neck
$ 28.00
A visit to Hands, Feet and Face is such a relaxing experience. Whether you’re there for a facial, massage, a pedicure or a waxing, the quality of service is unsurpassed. You never feel rushed. I cannot say enough about the quality of staff, their professionalism, their products and services performed. When you go to Hands, Feet and Face you get the whole mind/body/soul experience. It all boils down to Parviz; she makes you feel valued and appreciated as a customer and as a person. A facial at Hands, Feet and Face is so top notch you will be disappointed if you go anywhere else. Parviz always goes the extra mile for her customers!

Denise Hass