Because there is a time for everything, Yon-Ka offers a unique day and night program perfectly adapted to the skin needs of women aged 45 + according to the times of the day.
Day cream – Wrinkle filler: During the day, the skin is subjected to multiple aggressions. She needs a cream that protects her and makes her more radiant. Enriched with filling spheres and hyaluronic acid, TIME RESIST day cream smoothes the skin and gives it a plump appearance.
Night cream – Anti-Fatigue – Smoothing: At night, the skin’s metabolism is activated. She launched her restoration program against all the damage accumulated during the day. This is the time when it feeds and rehydrates. Extracts of euglena gracilis and silk tree combine with ingredients that act to rejuvenate and energize the skin. For a fresh complexion as soon as you wake up!

Essential ingredients:
Time Resist day cream: Saponaria Pumila plant stem cells, youth
energy lipoamino acid, wakame extract, vegetable glycerin, grape seed oil, shea butter,
filling spheres , high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, polyoses of oats.
Time Resist night cream: Saponaria Pumila plant stem cells,
youth energy lipoamino acid, wakame extract, vegetable glycerin, grape seed oil,
shea butter, Inca Inchi oil, Euglena gracilis extract, tree extract silk.



A shocking duo for visibly rejuvenated, firmer and smoother skin.
Contoured facial curves and a tightening effect.
Serum – Firming – Tightening effect: fluid and quickly absorbed, it helps the skin regain its firmness, for a visible and lasting lift effect.
Cream – Firming – Revitalizing: generous and comfortable, it works in synergy with the serum to fight against sagging facial contours.

Essential ingredients:
Serum Advanced Optimizer: hibiscus peptides, horsetail rich in silicon, rosehip titrated in vit. C, soy peptides, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid.
Creme Advanced Optimizer: white lupine peptides, horsetail rich in silicon, rosehip titrated in vit. C, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, milk peptides, co-enzyme Q10, shea butter.



Specific anti-aging firming treatment for the delicate area of the neck, décolleté and bust. Thanks to natural extracts combined with a tightening agent of plant origin, this fresh aromatic gel:
• makes the skin appear firm,
• shapes and improves the texture of the skin,
• reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
• protects the water barrier of the skin.

Result: the skin quickly takes on a smoother and more toned appearance, the breast contour appears firmer and lifted.

Essential ingredients: hibiscus peptides, horsetail rich in silicon, soy peptides, sweet almond proteins, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, vegetable glycerin, petitgrain essential oils, grapefruit, lime, neroli, mimosa and patchoul

Testimonial from Marg&Marg

From the first time we went to Hands, Feet and Face we felt the professionalism and individual care. We both like the fact that all the employees are professional and experienced. Their facility is clean, bright and cheery, yet there is a “warmth” that is felt due to the small size and an “intimate setting”. Very relaxing atmosphere – great place to unwind at the end of the day. Never rushed and always time taken to do the job right with a very personal touch

Testimonial from Nadine Arneson

Years ago my sister Cecile introduced me to a unique pedicure/manicure session with Parviz. Not only does one receive a most professional service but her quiet manner and sense of humor provide a relaxing and healing atmosphere. I look forward to my next visit to Edmonton.

Testimonial from Judy McDonald

Parviz – I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your excellent service over the years. After my recent facial at your salon I once again left feeling pampered and extremely well looked after. I always feel like I have been on a mini vacation when I leave. I love the level of excellence and knowledge that you offer as well as the wonderful ambiance. I especially appreciate the friendliness of the staff and the atmosphere of warmth in your salon. I know I will continue to be a lifetime client as the level of luxury you provide suits my ”pampered princess” persona. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience every time I step into your salon.

Testimonial from Olga Wilson

“For seventeen years, as a client of Parviz and her staff I have been delighted with their service. They seemed to sense my moods, anticipate my needs and, invariably, made appropriate judgments about the strategies and products that would beautify my skin, my body—and even my soul. With warmth and caring, they helped me to feel relaxed, pampered and happy with the new me!”

Testimonial from Terry Davis

“Some months ago—following a full-day Spa treatment—I picked up the phone when I got home and left Parviz the following voice mail message: “Hello Parviz. Terry here. I’m calling to say that as far as I am concerned the name of your esthetic service should be changed from “Hands, Feet and Face” to “Body, Mind, and Spirit”. And, here’s why. Your healing energy, your wonderful sense of humor, and your innate ability to connect touched and rejuvenated my mind and spirit as well as my body! Thank you so much for an uplifting day!”

Testimonial from Marcia Lee

Whenever I want to be truly nurtured, I go to Hands, Feet and Face salon. Parviz and her staff have always been authentic, caring people who bring a gentle touch, a respectful attitude and an accommodating way to their work. They take ‘being in service’ to new heights.

Testimonial from Mebbie Bell

I’ve been going to Hands, Feet and Face for years, and I only trust my brows to Parviz. Parviz knows my skin – and me – and I always feel welcome. I recommend Parviz and her staff to everyone I know.

Testimonial from Cecile Schultz

Gratefully yours

“The quality of service and attention to detail provided by Parviz and her staff ensures that each experience at Hands, Feet, & Face is uplifting and
energizing – truly an oasis in our busy lives! I have enjoyed the services at Hands, Feet, & Face for 15 years and they continue to be highlights in my life.”